About NoFlesh

Urban Theologian

NOFLESH has been influenced by hip hop culture since he was a teenager and has unashamedly been one of its long time proponents. Having an undying commitment to lyricism, NOFLESH was influenced by hip hop legends such as Rakim, KRS-1, Kool G Rap, Wutang Clan, and the Notorious B.I.G. Viewing hip hop as a medium with which to enlighten minds, inspire the soul, and articulate the language of the faith to the masses, it is his intention to reclaim the heart of hip hop culture at its root. NOFLESH engages his listeners passionately, intellectually, and theologically. He currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from BHU in Atlanta GA, studied theology for two years at the ITC in Atlanta GA, and he holds a MTS from LU in Lynchburg VA. Currently serving as pastor of his local church, he is indeed in touch with the cries of humanity. Whether facilitating marriage and family seminars, mentoring at-risk-youth, teaching biblical principles to young college students transitioning into functional adults, he finds his joy in life serving his fellow man.


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